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There are many resources available to support quality palliative care across all settings.  Below are some resources available to consider:


Two documents have been developed by the Consortium to assist primary care services with managing a referral to specialist palliative care service.

The Timely Specialist Palliative Care Service Assessment and Support document outlines the full process, and aids decision making around stage of the illness, and identifying addition support needs of the patient and family. Please note that the Consortium’s clinical group is currently reviewing this document.

In addition, the LM Quick Reference Guide: Appropriate Referral to Specialist Palliative Care Service  can be used as a checklist to confirm if referral to the specialist service is appropriate, and the information required with the referral.  This ensures that relevant information is available to allow accurate triage by the Palliative Care staff.

An additional resource to assist with the referral process is the Needs Assessment Tool Progressive Disease User Guide

Go to the Education page to access the learning package about the referral process.

Carers Kit

The new and improved Carers Kit is now available. The kit has instructions to help Carers by providing simple instructions on how to perform basic tasks safely, such as how to use shower and bath chairs safely and how to help a person in and out of a car. Carers Kit_Web

Single pages can be downloaded:

Carers Kit_Helping a person get into and out of a car

Carers Kit_How to give an injection into a cannula

Carers Kit_How to prevent bed sores

Carers Kit_How to push a person in a wheelchair

Carers Kit_How to safely use a slide sheet

Carers Kit_How to use a Bath Board

Carers Kit_How to use a Bed Pole

Carers Kit_How to use a Commode

Carers Kit_How to use a Oxygen Concentrator

Carers Kit_How to use a Portable Nebuliser

Carers Kit_How to use a Shower Stool

Carers Kit_The Bath Chair

Cultural and Religious Beliefs 

This resource has been compiled by the Consortium to assist healthcare workers understand the beliefs and customs of different religious or cultural groups at the time of death. It is NOT intended to be a comprehensive resource, but rather to serve as a guide, offering a short, simple outline of cultural and religious beliefs at the time of death. A copy of this resource is available here as Customs & Beliefs – Death & Dying.

Palliative Care Victoria (PCV): a volunteer training kit

The 2008 PCV ‘Palliative Care Volunteer Training Resource Kit’ contains a comprehensive ‘Facilitators Guide’, a complementary ‘Learners Guide’ and the current ‘Victorian Palliative Care Volunteer Standards and Templates’. This kit contains a facilitators ‘how to’ section and nine modules (including one focusing on spirituality) each containing their own core competencies and sample session plans.

This resourcehas recently been revised and isbe available to purchase.  More information on the PCV website.

Online Cancer Education Forum

This website forum offers access to a module “Spirituality in Cancer Care” (Barry Quinn). The module has been produced in England and offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Understand how the concept of spirituality is central to health care and how it may be expressed through the lived experience of cancer.
  • Gain insight into the beliefs, values and practices of the major religions.
  • Be more sensitive to the obvious and less obvious expressions of spiritual pain.
  • Develop skills to support themselves in recognising and addressing spiritual needs in clinical practice.
  • Critically reflect upon their own spiritual beliefs and values.

The module can be accessed at the Online Cancer Education Forum website here .

Other Resources

Therapeutic Guidelines – Palliative Care (3rd edition) 2010

“The aim is to provide clear, practical, authoritative and succinct therapeutic information for busy health practitioners … …”

This information assists practice but is not a substitute for seeking appropriate advice.  It is independently prepared and published, and reviewed by an ‘expert group’ of experienced clinicians.  The Guidelines are available in booklet format from Therapeutic Guidelines Limited, Melbourne, or an electronic format (eTG); and through the Clinicians Health Channel.

Standards for providing quality palliative care for all Australians (4th edition) 2005

The original national standards represented a set of philosophical standards, reflective of the need at the time to clearly articulate and promote a vision for compassionate and appropriate end of life care.

Since the first edition of the Australian Palliative Care Standards there have been significant changes to the structure, organisation and delivery of palliative care services in Australia, including the role of palliative care within the wider health care system.  The latest edition of the Standards (2005) followed a program of wide consultation with the palliative and end-of-life care sector, and can be downloaded from Palliative Care Australia.

Palliative Care Victoria

PCV publishes many brochures for clients and carers, rpovising information about, for example:

  • Palliative Care in general;
  • Specific information about Professional Groups;
  • Symptoms and their management;
  • Resources for carers;
  • Practical information on Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical), wills and funerals
  • Death & Dying
  • Grief & Loss.


Lung Foundation Australia has released an updated COPD Action Plan.

Action plans are a valuable self-management tool to guide patients in recognising when their symptoms change and what action they should take at that time.

The latest version has included a ‘Feeling Sick’ section to make it easier for patients to know when to commence antibiotics or prednisolone. The three-page PDF also includes a step-by-step guide to writing a COPD Action Plan which will assist General Practitioners who are new to using them.

The plans are available as an editable PDF or in RTF to be imported in to medical software and are available here:




Aboriginal Pathway Mildura



Palliative Care Victoria Bilingual Brochures

Palliative Care Victoria have released brochures in several languages.  These brochures can be found here.


NACCHO Aboriginal Health News Palliative Care

Resources to help Indigenous Australians broach end of life discussions can be found here.


Improving Carer’s Quality of Life

Improving Carer’s Quality of Life Brochure


Research to Help Give Vulnerable People a Voice About Death

Information can be found here.


Relationships and Dementia

Information can be found here


Conversation Start Kit for families and people with dementia

The starter kit can be found here