Aged Care


Palliative Aged Care Resource Nurse (PACRN) Program

A palliative approach to care focuses on improving quality of life for patients and their loved ones when facing challenges associated with a life limiting illness (World Health Organization, 2020). The palliative approach is a holistic way to prevent and relieve suffering at all stages of a terminal illness and involves a team approach for proactive identification, assessment and treatment of physical, psychosocial and spiritual concerns (World Health Organization, 2020).
In response to the rising number of people accessing aged care services, palliative care needs to be considered ‘core business’ in aged care (Palliative Care Australia, 2021).     

The Palliative Aged Care Resource Nurses can assist RACFs in the Loddon Mallee region to embed the palliative approach to care by:

  • Performing training needs analysis
  • Education & Training plan
  • Anticipatory Medications Project
  • Participation in the Palliative Aged Care Outcomes Program (PACOP) –University of Wollongong
  • Staff training placements/experiences in Hospice and Community Palliative Care services
  • Review of systems and assessment tools related to Palliative and End of Life Care
  • Facilitate a Palliative Care needs round
  • Creating a regional community of practice for clinical leaders in Aged Care

For more information please contact the Palliative Aged Care Resource Nurse team: