Loddon Mallee Region Specialist Palliative Care Consultancy Service (LMRSPCCS) Online Education Series

Our Specialist Palliative Care Consultancy have developed a series of online education sessions specifically for non-specialist palliative care clinicians. This content will be helpful to any clinicians who need to plan care for people diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, or for those who require end-of-life care.

LMRSPCCS – Emergency Department education session #1 Comfort Care

This education explores the pharmacological and very important non-pharmacological approaches to managing the comfort needs of a patient and their family. It encompasses tips for providing comfort including but not limited to managing pain, airway/secretion management, restlessness and agitation, emotional support and important self-care for staff and carers to support the ability to continue with the important job of caring for palliative patients.

LMR Specialist palliative care – Emergency Dept education – What to expect with a dying patient

In this education, the trajectories of different palliative diseases and the value of understanding the predictive nature of these are discussed. We also explore potential reversible causes for changes in a patient’s condition and ceilings of care, moving through to the last days and hours of life, changes which signify a dying patient and the immediate after death care.

LMR Specialist Palliative Care – Emergency Dept education #3 – Palliative medications and dosage

This education explores the medications routinely used to manage the most common palliative symptoms incorporating Safer Care Victoria guidelines, consideration of the appropriate setting for the patient and the anticipatory prescribing in context of patient choices.

LMR Specialist Palliative Care – education – PCOC assessing phases in the inpatient setting

Explanation of the 5 phases in palliative care and their application and interpretation in the inpatient setting.

Motor Neurone Disease – an overview

The presenters: